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Self-Driving Microservices
Better, Cheaper, Faster

High-definition Cloud applications 10 to 1,000 times quicker and running 10 times faster

Flexible microservices granularity

What back-end software progress should have been during the last three decades

No compromise

The number of programmers worldwide doubles every 3.4 years.
Since the 1940s, the number of programmers in the world has steadily doubled every 3.4 years to reach more than 31 million today.

A large population of other engineering professionals (project management, quality assurance...) gravitate around this already staggering number, and doubling it.

Why always more? We haven't seen significant technology innovation for the operational part of back-end applications since mainframes were dethroned and relational databases were introduced. Three decades ago...
Yet, it has never been that hard to hire technologists, and expensive to deliver projects.
Startups in the Bay Area are now obliged to hire already employed professionals on a per hour basis to deliver their products.

Of the 40 million engineering professionals delivering software worldwide, we can estimate that at least 20 million deliver back-end software.

At an average cost of $150K/year, the overall expenditure companies make on back-ends is an astonishing 3 trillion dollars. Each and every year.
Metaspex patented technology gives a single answer: innovative abstractions.
Alan Turing used to envision software as working mechanical processes. So, since its inception, software is meant to eliminate toil and automate repetitive manual tasks. And there is no shortage of them in back-end applications.

Software can automate everything, including programming. Instead of keeping "soldering" software by hand, we propose the equivalent of integrated circuits. Higher abstractions, specification as code. This yields more sophisticated solutions, running faster.

Metaspex offers better tools and avoids the human wave. While other solutions have concentrated only on one of Better, Cheaper or Faster, Metaspex delivers the three at the same time.

This is the only true definition of progress. The first time we see it in three decades.
Metaspex extreme performance
Most of the time, Metaspex's automatically generated code outperforms hand-written code.

Metaspex relentlessly optimizes its Cloud-ready output, far beyond anything humanly possible.

No quality-assurance is needed, as Metaspex applies flawlessly all its embedded patterns.
Complexity is contained
After a few years, all large applications face the same issue: evolutions start costing more and more, up to the moment when almost no evolution is possible.

This is due to a lack of abstraction.

Metaspex allows to contain that complexity, by offering the highest level of abstraction possible: specification.

Even very large applications can keep evolving, keeping costs at the lowest levels.

Creativity is unleashed.
High-definition data modeling based on ontologies
Sophisticated features that were out of reach become possible, thanks to multiple orders of magnitude productivity gains and a high-definition approach.

Modeling is done through a business analyst-friendly knowledge acquisition method born in Artificial Intelligence.

No restriction in the level of detail in an ontology, and no performance penalty.

The sky is the limit. Unleash your imagination.

Under the hood
Metaspex delivers microservices and relies on modern document databases, which scale beautifully in the Cloud.

Adjusting microservices granularity is simple, quick and easy.

Metaspex comes with its Foundation ontology, incorporating ISO-compliant models and state-of-the-art security.

It offers groundbreaking unparalleled features around cross-database application-wide referential integrity and semantic modeling, making even SQL a thing of the past.

All this backed by solid science.
A friend to legacy systems
The beauty of microservices is that they are conversant with existing systems.

No need to change everything.

Metaspex produces HTTP REST APIs and uses fully Unicode-compliant JSON as service payloads.

Because we know change takes time, Metaspex applications can coexist with other systems, and accompany business evolutions. Software is not on the critical path any longer.