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High-Level Descriptions

With over 40 years of combined experience in building complex software backends for enterprises globally, we understand the challenges businesses face when trying to develop custom solutions.

We created Metaspex (Patented) – (MSx) to transform backend development, enabling you to launch faster than ever before.

Metaspex is a patented innovative backend development platform that revolutionizes how businesses create and maintain their software system.

Companies leveraging MSx can create dream products that would normally be unachievable using today’s standard practices including;

  • Modernizing their software infrastructure
  • Quickly implement new features and functionality
  • Allowing engineers to focus on business and innovation, not just maintaining an aging product.

Build backends in weeks, not years.

We’ve revolutionized backend development with Metaspex, our innovative platform that leaves outdated processes and inflexible tech stacks behind. While others struggle with decades-old methods, we empower businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

Our unique approach leverages:

  • Ontology-driven development for precise domain modeling
  • Automated backend generation for rapid implementation
  • Seamless integration with modern NoSQL databases
  • Built-in scalability and performance optimizations


Your business analyst or product strategist collaborates with our team to define your product requirements through our ontology-driven modeling process. Together, we create precise domain models that capture your business logic, data structures, and system behaviors. This approach allows us to fully outline your needs, even if you don’t have everything mapped out upfront.


Our skilled engineers input the morning’s ontologies using the Metaspex platform, fine-tuning and validating the specifications as needed. With a few clicks, Metaspex then automatically generates a fully functional, optimized backend system based on these inputs. This process rapidly produces API endpoints, business logic implementations, and security measures—all tailored to your specifications. The result is production-ready code that adheres to best practices and scales efficiently, dramatically reducing traditional coding time and potential for human error.

End of Day

The Metaspex-generated backend is automatically compiled, fully functional, and ready for deployment. By day’s end, you have a production-ready backend that encapsulates your business logic. This rapid cycle enables immediate validation and sets the stage for the next day’s refinements or expansions.

What exactly is Metaspex?

Metaspex is a platform that uses ontology-driven development to automatically generate backend systems from high-level specifications. It allows for rapid development of complex, scalable and efficient backend solutions without traditional coding. No corner cutting.

How does Metaspex differ from traditional backend development frameworks?

Unlike traditional frameworks that require manual coding, Metaspex generates the entire backend system from ontological specifications. This approach significantly reduces development and testing time, minimizes errors, and ensures consistency across the system.

What types of applications or industries is Metaspex best suited for?

Metaspex is versatile and can be applied to various industries, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. It’s particularly beneficial for complex systems with intricate business rules and data relationships.

How does Metaspex handle database operations?

Metaspex integrates seamlessly with popular NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Couchbase. It generates optimized database queries and operations based on the ontological model, ensuring efficient data management. Metaspex specifications are devoid of any SQL, SQL-like or any query language.

Can Metaspex integrate with existing systems or is it only for new developments?

Metaspex can be used for both new developments and modernizing existing systems. It can generate backends that integrate with legacy systems, aiding in gradual modernization efforts. It embraces the microservices model to do so.

How does Metaspex ensure the security of the generated backend systems?

Security is built into the Metaspex platform. It generates secure authentication and authorization mechanisms, and follows best practices for data protection and secure API design.

What is the learning curve for adopting Metaspex?

While there is a learning curve to understand ontology-driven development, many users find it more intuitive than traditional coding. Metaspex provides training and resources to help teams transition smoothly.

How scalable are the backend systems generated by Metaspex?

Metaspex-generated backends are designed with scalability in mind. We can handle increasing loads and complex operations efficiently, with built-in optimizations for performance at scale.

Can we customize the backend beyond what’s specified in the ontology?

Metaspex comes with reusable business components and Web services, but Metaspex-based backends are essentially custom. No constraint is set on data modeling or Web services inputs and outputs.

How does Metaspex handle versioning and updates to the backend system?

Metaspex manages versioning through ontology versioning. Updates to the backend can be made by modifying the ontology and regenerating the system, ensuring consistency between the specification and implementation.

What kind of support and documentation does Metaspex provide?

Metaspex offers comprehensive documentation, including API references, and best practices. We also provide technical support, training programs, and a community forum for knowledge sharing.

How does Metaspex impact the total cost of ownership for backend systems?

Metaspex significantly reduces the total cost of ownership by speeding up development, reducing the need for large development teams, minimizing errors, and simplifying maintenance. While there may be upfront costs in adoption and training, the savings in development and maintenance costs are quick and substantial.